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New 2015 Reading Sessions - Awesome!

Music Direct Presents:

Free Annual Reading Session

Thank you for attending the reading sessions/parties, which once again were a great success. Your support is appreciated. For your convenience all music from the sessions can be heard/ordered on the web page, under Browse Music Direct Collection tab. Thank you!

New to Music Direct

Jazz Deck

Jazz Deck

New! - We are always interested in great new music or teaching tools and wish to introduce Jazz Deck (Textbook in a box) to you. Hear your students say “I get it now” with Jazz Deck, a unique deck of cards (packaged in a box) to teach improv. Heralded as the fastest way to sound great playing jazz and the next great thing in jazz education. Jazz Deck helps students to decipher chord changes and sound great right away. Music Direct is the initial Canadian supplier. Click the link for information, videos, testimonials. $29.95


May 3, 2016
Band Building and more!

Apr 20, 2016
Some new sight readings and additional reviews.

Feb 6, 2016

The below new releases were just premiered at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago.

May 31, 2015

Introducing new supplies that will be featured on our upcoming annual June Sale.

Jan 16, 2015

New! - Mini Clip Chromatic Tuner - Tune Pro

Jan 16, 2015
New! - Teaching Instrumental Music in Canadian Schools - Dr. Ed Wasiak - in stock

Jun 10, 2014

Here is what is new in Music Education

Jun 9, 2014

New Lighter Selections from Hal Leonard.

Jun 4, 2013
New Lighter/Pop music for band

Jun 4, 2013
New in Music Education for 2013 - Tom Dust book, Teaching Music Through Performance and more.